Here it is considered in good taste to hold this painting in high esteem, to praise it and be greatly moved by it for generations.

For some, even this is not enough.

They hear the pattern of rain, feel the chill of raindrops on necks and shoulders, they look at the bridge and people as if they saw themselves there, in that never ending race along the endless road, to be traveled for eternity and they have the audacity to believe that it is real.

Wislawa Szymborska, excerpt from People on the Bridge


Nadia Vinogradova was born and raised in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Russia. Although she was at the top of her middle school art class, it was not until her late twenties that she realized that life has a tendency of rolling along, and if she really wanted to be an artist she had to do it now or it would really be too late. By that time she already had a Master's Degree in Physics, was getting ready to defend her Ph.D. thesis, and all that had made her smart enough to take a night class at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto.

All that work had paid off and her sacred dream came true! She was studying painting and loving it! A new page in her life has opened; after spending over ten years studying science, the newly minted Dr. Vinogradova was finally convinced by her teachers of having the talent, and decided to pursue a new carrier as an artist. According to Nadia, “Those years of exploring science have transformed the way that I understand the world and I feel a palpable need to express that understanding in the art that I create. There is moment in the world that I never would have seen without all those hard years of study, but what use is it if I can’t show it to the world? And, my art is my way of telling this story.”

After attending Toronto School of Art, Nadia took studied with David Hardy in The Atelier School of Classical Realism in Oakland and after Nadia worked two years with Anatoliy Zaslavskiy in St. Petersburg. Nadia is an instructor of The Pacific Art League.

Her works are included in private collection and museums. Nadia is a member of International Federation of Artist and the National Artist's Union of Russia.


2008 – Work with Anatoliy Zaslavskiy
2006-07 – Atelier School of Classical Realism in Oakland
2004 – Series of classes at St. Petersburg Academy of Art and Design
2003-05 – Toronto School of Art
2005 – PhD University of Arizona
2003 – MS University of Arizona
1998 – MS St. Petersburg State University (Russia)
1995 – BS St. Petersburg State University (Russia)


Pacific Art League
International Federation of Artists and National Artist's Union of Russia


2013 – Igroki Solo Exhibition, Center for the Art and Music, Nevskiy pr. 20, St. Petersburg, Russia. Photo report by Nikolay Simonovsky

2012-2013 – Solo Exhibition of Masks, Center for the Performing Arts, Mountain View, CA

2012 – Solo Exhibition in Samovar Hall, Mountain View, CA

2012 – Juried group exhibition, Juwish Community Center, Palo Alto, CA

2012 – Britain through the Eyes of St. Petersburg Artists, Scotland-Russia Institute

2011 – La Honda 10 x 10, Borey Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia (with A. Zaslavsky)

2011 – Show of Masks at the British Bankers Club, Menlo Park (with Vasily Vein)

2010 – Solo Exhibition "People and Masks" in Russian Avant Garde Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia

2010 – Solo Exhibition "People and Masks" in "Bon Vivant", Palo Alto, CA

2010 – Solo Exhibition "Face to Face" in Diaghilev Art Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

2010 – Solo Exhibition in San Jose/ Works gallery, San Jose, CA

2009 – Juried group exhibition "Faces and Figures" in Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA

2008 – Solo exhibition in KALEID gallery "interpretation of color", San Jose, CA

2008 – First award in a group exhibition "Mother" in Chris Hogan and Gregory Kate Gallery, San Jose, CA

2008 – Juried group exhibition of Los Altos Art club in Shoreline Historical Museum

2007 – American Juried Art Salon, Gallery C


I offer individual and group courses in drawing and painting. Personal attention is given to every student in group classes and students master technique at their own pace. Individual lessons are customized to focus on particular skills or explore students' specific interests.

New students are welcome to drop by the studio, or come during class times to observe the class dynamics, discuss how their goals align with available course offerings, and meet other students.



In this class, I teach classical drawing based on the traditions of old masters. The focus is on rendering a convincing depiction of three-dimensional forms and spaces on a flat surface. Lectures, demonstrations, and drawing exercises investigate basic principles of perspective and composition, developing light and shadow shapes and finishing artwork with precision. Complexity will progress from compositions involving simple still life objects to cast figures. Some examples of expected results may be found at Charcoal Studies.

The class is oriented at the adult audience, but we had youth as young as 11 years old doing very well in this class. Individual work at home or at the studio is encouraged between scheduled classes.

Class size: 5-10 students.

Level: Students of all levels are welcome.

Materials List. Please bring materials to class.

Cost: 60USD per class (discounts with multiple class pass, see below)

Wednesday 6pm-9pm or Thursday 7pm-10pm. Students may attend once or twice a week.

Location: Vinogradova Art Studio


Class curriculum and goals are agreed upon individually. Personal needs and goals are discussed, and together we develop a customized curriculum that fosters progress toward the student's goal.

Class schedule: Individual schedules to be agreed upon. Duration 2 hours.

Class size: up to 3 students.

Level: Students of all levels are welcome.

Cost: 100USD/class

Location: Vinogradova Art Studio


I encourage students to come to class regularly to provide continuity of instruction and build on previous lessons. Costs for group classes are substantially discounted with the purchase of a multiple class pass. Passes are to be used for consecutive weeks. No refunds for missed group classes.


You may register online or by calling 650.215.0985. Please call or email if you have any questions about the group course or would like to discuss individual lessons.

10 classes 400.00 USD. PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

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